Auckland Movers Advice How To Survive A Move

Moving is a unique experience for everyone. For some, it means tying a mattress to the roof a car and driving down the block. For other’s, it’s uprooting an entire family and relocating across the country or across the ocean. No matter how you do it, or when, it’s always an adventure.


Now, movers everywhere should pack one more item on their trip: this blog post. Other blogs, no matter how smart or expert their authors, are generally limited to the knowledge of only one of two people. We’ve talked to hundreds of people about their relocation experience and compiled their advice for your benefit. It two heads are better than one, as the saying goes, then we think hundreds of them are even better.

We have also consulted with a Auckland Moving Company to get their advice on how to select reputable movers.

Among the words of wisdom collected here, you’ll learn the best ways to pack your cat and dog (or, as the case may be, your fish). You’ll be inspired to trash or sell half your stuff. You’ll measure the benefits of professional movers vs. your willing, pizza-hungry friends. You’ll help your kids with the tough transition. You’ll find the perfect way to say goodbye to friends and family, and the best methods of packing and driving a giant truck. You’ll learn fun ways to meet the new neighbors and get settled into your new home. And you’ll experience, and hopefully learn from, our Worst Ever Moves.

You’ll also realize that everyone has their own method for the madness of moving. When you interview this many people, not everyone agrees. For your benefit, we’ve put conflicting advice together. It’s up to you to decide which approach works for you. Best of all, in this blog you’ll read entertaining personal stories from people moving across the country – some funny, some inspiring, some downright practical. It’s like inviting hundreds of your best friends to your house, sitting them down at the diner table, and talking about the subjects that interested you.

So, read on. If like is an adventure, you’re about to truly live. The road ahead might be fraught with peril, or paved with good times. Just remember to lift with your legs. Sooner or later, you’ll get to where you’re going. My advice: Don’t go it alone.

Moving is one of the most challenging things you can do: Take your daily life and everything that’s familiar, throw it all in the blender known as a moving truck, and see what comes out when you get to the other side. Yet it’s precisely what 1 in every 7 Kiwi’s does every year. Why? Is it the adventure? The restlessness inherent in humans? Or, some, sadomasochistic urge? And once you decide to move, how to you go about finding a good place to live? Your journey begins here.

Stay tuned for the next blog.



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